Saturday, December 3, 2011


I would REALLY like to fucking know. Where these PROCHOICE imbeciles get off thinking that fetuses aren't human.

Everytime I hear such an absurdity, my brain does this:

"..................UH........if they're not human......then what are they???"

Makes me want to have these idiots do a poll, consisting of:

1) You are human?


2)Did you have sexual relations with another human?


(If they answer no to that. Then they have problems bigger than being pregnant.)

3) Humans give birth to:


And I am also SO sick and SO tired of the baby being referred to as a parasite.

1) It's natural offspring and therefore meant to occur and be there. So no. The BABY is NOT a FOREIGN OBJECT.

2)What difference does it make if it is a wanted or unwanted pregnancy? How does one pregnancy conclude that it is a baby. And another a parasite. Either it is or it isn't in both pregnancies. So there is a MAJOR fallacy in your so-called logic.

3) Even though it should be quite clear. That a pregnancy is not parasitic. Let's say hypothetically it were such a thing. It wouldn't be parasitic. It would be a symbiotic relationship. Both organisms depend on eachother.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


I am pretty sure. If not completely correct. That Cecile Richards is shitting her pants everytime that she turns around, and see that one of her precious abbotoires are shutting down! It seems like every week. If not everyday I am hearing that a clinic is closing. And everytime I hear such a thing. I feel like a giddy child at Christmas. *INSERT HUGE GRIN HERE*

aND. All the while her little abortion minded jockeys that run their PROCHOICE agenda blogs. Are typing their fingers to the bone. Trying to convince people like me and you. That it is a moral outrage and we should feel sorry for them. The only pity that I am feeling. Is that seem to lack the understanding of the definition of 'morality'.

mo·ral·i·ty/məˈralətē/Noun: 1.Principles concerning the distinction between right and wrong or good and bad behavior.
2.Behavior as it is affected by the observation of these principles. (as quoted by Google)

Example: Sites including:

(sounds like a morbid sex act)

(a group of paranoid and delusional people)

(who they are is in the title)

Also, Of course they're going to site everything as a travesty. Even though they should only blame themselves. For their deeds.

I am SO PROUD of all these bills states are passing!:

Sonogram bills
Heartbeat bills
And hopefully soon: A personhood bill!

This is why come 2012 elections. I am SO going to vote yes on the Personhood Bill in Oklahoma.

I also hope that Cecile Richards and all her lackeys continue to shit bricks. Maybe they can build a clinic with them that we don't have to fund. And no one will want or could go inside of.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Planned Parenthood's Bunnies-video

My letter to Laura Ingraham

Dear Laura,

I would like to thank you, sincerely, from the bottom of my heart for the interview with Jehmu Greene. The fact that you could come back with facts, and all she could do was smile like she was hopped up on prozac. And couldn't come back with any fighting statements of her own. Does she not have any? It sounded like it was prewritten her response, and practice. More than likely PP wrote it for her, maybe even Cecile Richards herself! Why would she go on a show where she would be pummeled with facts and EXCELLENT questions. If she can not defend herself?

And if PP is SOOO concerned with a woman's health issues, then why do abortions? Why not put video cameras in each office and its rooms? So everything they do can be monitored and not tell the employees? It wouldn't matter. I'm with the petitioners trying to defund PP. Also don't they know that the director of birth choice has spoken to Lila Rose about putting Birth Choice clinics where every PP office is? That maybe another reason why they are being so hostile?

Anyways, I'm rambling.

I just wanted to thank you.

I salute you Laura,

Destiny Gonzalez

Friday, February 25, 2011


It outrages me that PROLIFERS are called "extremists". Why? How are we extremists? When PROCHOICERS constantly fabricate statistics, information, and so on! But when they are presented with correct statistics and correct information they become offensive. And from my experience. Demand proof! Really?! You were just handed proof! Oh, but they want unbiased proof, yet, they are continously biased against the proof given to them. Why? Also, nothing can be unbiased if it is tilted towards one point of view or subject.

A subject cannot be neutral. Then it is not a subject and makes it unavailable for debate. And that's what PROCHOICERS want!!!!! Because if they can trap you in that corner of unbiasism, where the subject is undebateable. Then they believe that the argument is won. Ugh!!!!!!

It makes me sick........then with all these cover ups with PP. Who are they foolin? Perhaps themselves? It's easy to turn a blind eye, if you make yourself oblivious to what is going on. Ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is also cause for you not to learn from your mistakes and keeps you from betterment.

Why can't the government allow PP to shut down? If the government wants the continuance and availability of abortion then there are other facilities than PP. The PROLIFE community will eventually shut them down. But we along with other Americans will be sound of mind if at least PP gets shut down.

This is why I am anti-government. I am Pro-America, I am Pro-Troops, but I am Anti-Government and Anti-War. Except for the war against abortion. Why would I want to be affiliated with a government that:

#1: Allows the death of millions of innocent children and turn their heads away from it at the same time.

#2: Allows organizations such as PP to cover up their illegal activies. Such as statutory rape, sex traffiking, physical abuse, abortion, giving wrong information, fighting against laws that makes them give correct information.

#3: Continues wars of personal interest instead of life threatening reasons to defend.

#4: Skyrocketing taxes to keep funding wars of personal interest and to fund organizations such as PP.

#5: That every other religion can be recognized, worshipped publicy. Except for Christianity. I think its because the government is uncomfortable with a mass religion that frowns upon most of the things they do and allow.

There are many more reasons.

Also, I hate Wiccans that claim to be "Prochoice". Also Christians. You have to be one or the other: Christian/Wiccan or Prochoice. Otherwise you're Oxymoronic and I do not think Oxymoronesy is recognized as a branch of religion.

It clearly states in the Wiccan rede:

"Live and let live", "In these eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill,

‘An ye harm none, do what ye will."

(Disclaimer: I am a believer of God and Jesus. But I have friends of other creed's.)

And of course there are MANY things against murder in the bible.

I am done ranting for now.

My letter to my aunt's preacher

This is Debra Smith Miller's niece. I asked her something the other day that she said I needed to ask you about.

I am a prolife advocate. I do everything for my cause except picketing. I was asking her even though it's far away, if it would be okay if I did a speech at your church. On or around October 19th because October 19th is The Day of Silent Solidarity.

Silent Solidarity is the day when prolifers come together and pray for those who have been killed by abortion, are going to be killed by abortion, and to help prevent any more from being killed by abortion. It's also when those who choose do not speak the whole day to symbolize those who have lost their voice.

For some time I have had the urge to do this. But I have not. The main reasons why I would like to do this. Is because most churches do not speak of this sin being commited. I don't know if it's because they may offend their members or what. Another reason why I want to do this is because the main prolife organizations make this completely about those being aborted.

But I believe it should also be a day of forgiveness. For the women who have gotten one or many abortions. For those who pressured some of the women. And also for those who did the procedure.

It's a subject that most avoid at all costs, and I believe it's a subject that must be talked about especially since it's targeted at our youth.

If you do not wish for me to speak at your church that's fine. If you do, then you can tell me, what can be said, and what cannot. I know it's aways away, but it has been bothering me not to do it.

Thank you for your time,

Destiny Gonzalez

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Extra Tidbits

Most importantly I want people to know that I am PROLIFE.
What is PROLIFE? It is someone against abortion. Abortion is the termination of the fetus during pregnancy. Which I consider murder and usually all PROLIFERS consider murder. Most PROCHOICERS (people for abortion) think that PROLIFERS are against a woman's biological rights. This is not true. We just wish for abortion to become obsolete. Not neccesarily illegal but obsolete as a whole.
We want to get more people to use the tools of abstinence and contraceptives. So the increase in unwanted pregnancy goes down by quite a bit. I do not believe in any kind of abortion under any circumstance. If it's tubal and not too far along, I believe that implantation must be tried first. If it doesn't work or take at least you can say that you tried.
I try my best not to condemn other PROCHOICERS. When I was younger I use to, but now I just try to talk with them diplomatically. If that does not work and they become hateful I go on my way. I also try to talk to males and females who are confused about the situation. You should never force someone to your views. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make it drink. It's all about being honest and in extreme cases it's all about the power of persuasion.

Secondly, what is my religous stance? I believe in God as God, and Jesus as Jesus. But I do not call myself a Christian. Most Christians are hypocrites and cannot practice what they preach. They like to look like the modern saint, but when any of the congregation or outer congregations back is turned is when the venom begins to seethe. I also have my philosophical views.

Thirdly, my blog isn't going to consist of PROLIFE posts, but don't be surprised if you come across something of that nature.


P.S. LINKS: Abortion-, Prolife-, Prochoice:

Another travesty Planned Parenthood has to offer

Once again PP (Planned Parenthood) is at the center of a very heated, very high profile case. Aiding pimps in the negligent welfare of young girls and women. Helping them lie on PP forms and other forms for abortion clinics.
While they should be calling the police on these people they are giving them pamphlets and goodie bags. Really how sick are these individuals? These women are in danger of dying and they are AIDING the slave driver!!!! OHMIGAWD!!!! Are you effing kidding me?
First off, I would never work for PP, but if I did. These would be the first people that I would call the cops on! Secretly, but call the police on them none the less.
PP "preaches" contraception, but in the end they are aiding the continuance of STD's, HIV/AID's, bacterial infections, killing infants, and putting the women back on the street to weather the natural and unnatural elements.
I'm going to feel sorry when the workers of PP's children and grandchildren contract something or themselves. And be flabberghasted about it. Ignorance begets idiocy.

Heres the video and story:

Yet another argument, but this time they try to get personal.

A letter that I received and read this morning:

Hannah Yelin February 20 at 8:14pm:

What was the point in posting on the Planned Parenthood page at all? Did you just want to be immature and gloat about that pro-life "victory"? You know, you're really showing your age by making posts like that.
Also, why is it so hard for you to understand that abortions themselves have never been paid for through our tax dollars, and the only thing that is federally funded is the low-cost (or free) healthcare that Planned Parenthood provides? I mean, do you really want Planned Parenthood to not be able to provide thousands of women with healthcare? If so, then why?

Destiny Gonzalez February 21 at 9:03am:
Planned Parenthood gets alot of discreet donations from blue blooded white supremicists to fund African American abortions. The very reason why abortion was legalized in the united states is to persuade the African American populace to kill their children and hope that the abortion injured them enough to sterilize them.
Then every other woman was upset that a black woman could get one, and not them. So the founder of Planned Parenthood along with her male associates who were all including herself former sympathizers of Adolf Hitler in the United States before Hitler's death. Decided they could profit from such a vast history.

So already, those are two reasons that I do NOT support PP.

Now, after a sting operation by Lila Rose has found that PP is aiding Pimps and Sex Traffikers without turning them in. Helping them to lie on forms for underage girls. That is why Congressman Cliff Stearns is launching an internal investigation into Sebelius' affairs with PP and PP itself. Along with the fact that Sebelius is trying to hide PP's illegal boo-boos. Also both those things were a last straw thing for Congress. Which is the cause for their defunding.
Why on Earth would I as a person want to support and stand for such a corrupt and merciless organization? Why would you? PP isn't the only health clinic in the United States that is affordable and sometimes free. There is your local State Health Department, Birth Choice is national and their free, ProLife clinics, etc.

Destiny Gonzalez vast industry*

Hannah Yelin February 21 at 9:13am:
"Planned Parenthood gets alot of discreet donations from blue blooded white supremicists to fund African American abortions. The very reason why abortion was legalized in the united states is to pers...uade the African American populace to kill their children and hope that the abortion injured them enough to sterilize them."

Wrong. Here, read this:

"Now, after a sting operation by Lila Rose has found that PP is aiding Pimps and Sex Traffikers without turning them in. Helping them to lie on forms for underage girls."

That was one employee, who has since been fired. Can you prove that that happens at every single Planned Parenthood location across the country?

Also, I suggest you watch this, to find out the truth about your precious Lila Rose:
Margaret Sanger - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Margaret Higgins Sanger Slee (September 14, 1879 – September 6, 1966) was an American sex educator, birth control activist and the founder of the American Birth Control League.

Destiny Gonzalez February 21 at 9:22am:
Oh no, PP founder Margaret Sanger was a sympathizer. You shouldn't trust everything Wikipedia says because anyone can alter the page. Including myself, since it's a public dictionary that's why collegiates can't use it for essays and other work.
I doubt that Congress would launch an internal investigation if there was any inkling of a hoax. Or they would have marked it as 'void'. Also I doubt the House of Reps would use that reason for one of many reasons to vote yes on the defunding.

Anything that happens in PP doesn't only happen once.

Hannah Yelin February 21 at 9:24am:
Can you prove that what Wikipedia says is wrong? Also, you do realize that Wikipedia cites its sources at the bottom of each article, don't you? So do you have a problem with the sources that that particular article cites?

Also, did you read the article about Lila Rose?

And what proof do you have that that sort of thing has happened more than once at PP? .

Destiny Gonzalez February 21 at 9:32am:
Not that exact case, no. But if they can give girls and women misinformation purposely more than once. If they can take donations for black abortions. Then there is no telling what they can do.
Yes, I read the article, hence, "I doubt that Congress would launch an internal investigation if there was any inkling of a hoax. Or they would have marked it as 'void'. Also I doubt the House of Reps would use that reason for one of many reasons to vote yes on the defunding."

And since your so fond of wikipedia:

Hannah Yelin February 21 at 9:35am:
Did you read the article about how PP helps black people? And did you read the article about Lila Rose? If you didn't read either of those articles, then why is that?
What exactly makes those two websites (meaning Acts1711 and Spectacle) trustworthy or factually-accurate at all, especially seeing as they're quite obviously biased towards the pro-life side of things? Can you provide me with an unbiased source that proves that what you're saying is true?
And yes, I know what Eugenics is. But like I said, just about everyone back then was at least a little bit racist. Slavery had literally just been made illegal, for goodness sakes, so why do you seem to think that it was unusual for people to still think less of black people than they did of white people at that point in history?

Destiny Gonzalez February 21 at 9:42am:
But they're still getting funded for the black abortions.

And I don't see how any of your sources are unbiased. Plus anything that leans towards a certain subject isn't going to be unbiased.See More

Hannah Yelin February 21 at 9:43am:
How are my sources not unbiased? My sources aren't pro-choice at all, so how can they possibly be biased?

And can you prove that they're getting more funding for black abortions than they are for white abortions?

Destiny Gonzalez February 21 at 10:04am:
What would it matter how many more that they're getting? If they're getting them?

Even if I had more sources that were unbiased, this argument would never end. It would consist of constantly trying to outdo the others information.

You can take this however you want, but I'm done arguing, its already turning into a circle.

And if you wish to call me 'ignorant' then do so, but call me ignorant for the right reasons. Because everyone is ignorant in some way.

But I would rather be ignorant, narrow-minded, and so on.

Than let PP continue to kill millions of babies whether they be black or white, green or purple, whether their abortions are government funded or not. Either way they're still doing them.

Whether they're still racist or not they're still taking donations for certain races.

They still aided the pimps and sex traffikers, and never turned them in. Even if it was "one" employee. One is still too many.

There are other clinics.

Because in the end. Nobodies going to win this argument. In the real world each faction still believes their cause is true and just whether they've one or not.

You could give me 10 thousand different points of view and the info. I'll still be prolife, I'll still help to defund PP anyway I can. I'll still picket outside the abortion clinics. I'll still write on PP's wall if I wish to. I'll still write my emails and letters and talk to my states offices to pass bills to eliminate abortion, and other offices like PP.

So why waste your time? Why waste mine? My faction is getting things accomplished. Is yours?

Destiny Gonzalez (comment on post): It's funny during the length of her argument Hannah tries to discredit Lila Rose by saying she hoaxed the latest PP sting videos. And since Hannah is an avid user of wikipedia, here is Lila Roses page on wiki. Which makes even me partially wrong. At least I'll admit.

Destiny Gonzalez (comment on post):
But here is part of what it says: "] Attorney General of Virginia Ken Cuccinelli said he might investigate Planned Parenthood as a result of the videos, but Cuccinelli conceded during a Fox interview that he lacks “an actual case of it on f...ilm” — meaning a case that involves victims instead of actors pretending to run a sex-slave business. Cuccinelli went on to say, “But what you do have is clearly an open willingness of several organizations, meaning subsidiaries of Planned Parenthood nationally in the same category, sex trafficking of minors, and an open willingness to participate in this.”[16] But Live Action national counsel Peter Breen said an actual case is not needed, comparing the undercover journalism in the videos to that of NBC's To Catch a Predator'[16]".See More
32 minutes ago · LikeUnlike.Destiny Gonzalez Here's the link to Lila Rose's wiki page: