Friday, February 25, 2011


It outrages me that PROLIFERS are called "extremists". Why? How are we extremists? When PROCHOICERS constantly fabricate statistics, information, and so on! But when they are presented with correct statistics and correct information they become offensive. And from my experience. Demand proof! Really?! You were just handed proof! Oh, but they want unbiased proof, yet, they are continously biased against the proof given to them. Why? Also, nothing can be unbiased if it is tilted towards one point of view or subject.

A subject cannot be neutral. Then it is not a subject and makes it unavailable for debate. And that's what PROCHOICERS want!!!!! Because if they can trap you in that corner of unbiasism, where the subject is undebateable. Then they believe that the argument is won. Ugh!!!!!!

It makes me sick........then with all these cover ups with PP. Who are they foolin? Perhaps themselves? It's easy to turn a blind eye, if you make yourself oblivious to what is going on. Ignorance is bliss. Ignorance is also cause for you not to learn from your mistakes and keeps you from betterment.

Why can't the government allow PP to shut down? If the government wants the continuance and availability of abortion then there are other facilities than PP. The PROLIFE community will eventually shut them down. But we along with other Americans will be sound of mind if at least PP gets shut down.

This is why I am anti-government. I am Pro-America, I am Pro-Troops, but I am Anti-Government and Anti-War. Except for the war against abortion. Why would I want to be affiliated with a government that:

#1: Allows the death of millions of innocent children and turn their heads away from it at the same time.

#2: Allows organizations such as PP to cover up their illegal activies. Such as statutory rape, sex traffiking, physical abuse, abortion, giving wrong information, fighting against laws that makes them give correct information.

#3: Continues wars of personal interest instead of life threatening reasons to defend.

#4: Skyrocketing taxes to keep funding wars of personal interest and to fund organizations such as PP.

#5: That every other religion can be recognized, worshipped publicy. Except for Christianity. I think its because the government is uncomfortable with a mass religion that frowns upon most of the things they do and allow.

There are many more reasons.

Also, I hate Wiccans that claim to be "Prochoice". Also Christians. You have to be one or the other: Christian/Wiccan or Prochoice. Otherwise you're Oxymoronic and I do not think Oxymoronesy is recognized as a branch of religion.

It clearly states in the Wiccan rede:

"Live and let live", "In these eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill,

‘An ye harm none, do what ye will."

(Disclaimer: I am a believer of God and Jesus. But I have friends of other creed's.)

And of course there are MANY things against murder in the bible.

I am done ranting for now.

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