Friday, February 25, 2011

My letter to my aunt's preacher

This is Debra Smith Miller's niece. I asked her something the other day that she said I needed to ask you about.

I am a prolife advocate. I do everything for my cause except picketing. I was asking her even though it's far away, if it would be okay if I did a speech at your church. On or around October 19th because October 19th is The Day of Silent Solidarity.

Silent Solidarity is the day when prolifers come together and pray for those who have been killed by abortion, are going to be killed by abortion, and to help prevent any more from being killed by abortion. It's also when those who choose do not speak the whole day to symbolize those who have lost their voice.

For some time I have had the urge to do this. But I have not. The main reasons why I would like to do this. Is because most churches do not speak of this sin being commited. I don't know if it's because they may offend their members or what. Another reason why I want to do this is because the main prolife organizations make this completely about those being aborted.

But I believe it should also be a day of forgiveness. For the women who have gotten one or many abortions. For those who pressured some of the women. And also for those who did the procedure.

It's a subject that most avoid at all costs, and I believe it's a subject that must be talked about especially since it's targeted at our youth.

If you do not wish for me to speak at your church that's fine. If you do, then you can tell me, what can be said, and what cannot. I know it's aways away, but it has been bothering me not to do it.

Thank you for your time,

Destiny Gonzalez

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