Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Another travesty Planned Parenthood has to offer

Once again PP (Planned Parenthood) is at the center of a very heated, very high profile case. Aiding pimps in the negligent welfare of young girls and women. Helping them lie on PP forms and other forms for abortion clinics.
While they should be calling the police on these people they are giving them pamphlets and goodie bags. Really how sick are these individuals? These women are in danger of dying and they are AIDING the slave driver!!!! OHMIGAWD!!!! Are you effing kidding me?
First off, I would never work for PP, but if I did. These would be the first people that I would call the cops on! Secretly, but call the police on them none the less.
PP "preaches" contraception, but in the end they are aiding the continuance of STD's, HIV/AID's, bacterial infections, killing infants, and putting the women back on the street to weather the natural and unnatural elements.
I'm going to feel sorry when the workers of PP's children and grandchildren contract something or themselves. And be flabberghasted about it. Ignorance begets idiocy.

Heres the video and story: http://liveaction.org/blog/planned-parenthood-aids-sex-ring/

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