Saturday, December 3, 2011


I would REALLY like to fucking know. Where these PROCHOICE imbeciles get off thinking that fetuses aren't human.

Everytime I hear such an absurdity, my brain does this:

"..................UH........if they're not human......then what are they???"

Makes me want to have these idiots do a poll, consisting of:

1) You are human?


2)Did you have sexual relations with another human?


(If they answer no to that. Then they have problems bigger than being pregnant.)

3) Humans give birth to:


And I am also SO sick and SO tired of the baby being referred to as a parasite.

1) It's natural offspring and therefore meant to occur and be there. So no. The BABY is NOT a FOREIGN OBJECT.

2)What difference does it make if it is a wanted or unwanted pregnancy? How does one pregnancy conclude that it is a baby. And another a parasite. Either it is or it isn't in both pregnancies. So there is a MAJOR fallacy in your so-called logic.

3) Even though it should be quite clear. That a pregnancy is not parasitic. Let's say hypothetically it were such a thing. It wouldn't be parasitic. It would be a symbiotic relationship. Both organisms depend on eachother.

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